Tom Holmes

June 15, 2013

creatives-tomholmesTom Holmes is a young artist living and working in Sheffield, displaying his recognisable style in galleries, bars and exhibitions across the city. His work is simple but bold, presenting his signature round headed characters with optimistic quotes about love and the importance of having a good time.

Tom takes influence from the wealth of artistic talent in his home city, but also looks farther afield for inspiration from established and emerging artists. His cartoon style lends itself to traditional minimalism, children’s TV and stylised design work. It can’t be taken too seriously, but maintains a sense of familiarity.

Alongside original artwork displayed on walls around Sheffield, Tom has worked on posters, CD covers, T-shirts and a number of other graphic design projects.

The pieces displayed in the Iconic Images exhibition look at musical icons from two different perspectives; the people who have shaped music worldwide, and the much loved local bands who make the Sheffield scene what it is.

Tom’s central piece, ‘Icons’ presents 29 famous musicians who have taken pop, rock, indie, metal and dubstep to the next level, and achieved iconic status for their work. Beside it sit band portraits of two of Sheffield’s rising stars, local rockers Blue Lip Feel and innovative pop sextet Screaming Maldini.