Terms & Conditions for Contemporary Vintage Exhibition

July 15, 2013

1. We have enough space to take approx. three A3 sized pieces each from local artists/photographers. – These don’t have to all be A3 – just giving you an idea on space available.

2. If you submit work that is already available to buy and your work is chosen you must suspend sale of this item at all vending points: websites, shops, stalls etc during the length of our exhibition.

3. If your work is chosen it will be sold on a sale or return basis.

4. Your work will also be showcased for sale in our online store – you will also have the opportunity of submitting more of your work for sale here – again it can NOT be available for sale anywhere else whilst its for sale in our store.

5. You will also ‘feature’ in our ‘featured’ section on the web site – where a profile of you and your work will be showcased.

6. Commercial commission rates are 50% of all sales.

7. When your work is chosen we expect you to present it ready to be sold and to work with us in the week up to and over the length of the exhibition to a) promotion of the exhibition both using social media and face to face and b) attend events and promotions surrounding the exhibition – this is normally but not exclusive too – a launch event and 2 others.

8. When you submit your entry it should also be accompanied with a simple paragraph of up to 200 words explaining why you would like to exhibit and how you feel that your work will fit in.

9. If your work is chosen we will also need a 200 word profile of you as an artist.

10. Please submit 3 pieces of work and your 200 words by 19th July 2013. We will be selecting the entries on the 20th, so late entries will NOT be considered and you will be notified ASAP following this date if your work has been selected.

11. Please name All of your images YourName_NameOfTheArtWork

12. All exhibition pieces of work have to be ready for hanging by the 26th July, with no exceptions.

13. Your work will go in the IDMA website to showcase and be for sale from the date of the launch to the end of the exhibition – there will be an option (should you wish) for you to continue selling your work on the web site following the exhibition

14. IDMA will be hosting a launch night planned for the 31st July 2013and we are looking at several events during the length of the exhibition to keep focus and highlight the exhibition.

Please send all submissions to Sue@the-idma.com before the 19th July 2013