Sam Parr

June 15, 2013

creatives-samparrSam is an artist and illustrator living in Sheffield, recently returned to art full time in her 40s, after many years working in mainly non creative fields.

Largely self taught having only studied art at foundation level in the 80s, her work is grounded in traditional methods mixed with digital techniques.

This self taught approach makes her style refreshingly original and not easily pigeonholed.

“I strive to constantly evolve and experiment with my art, as my images will show, I move between different styles and mediums and want to apply varied techniques. I wish to blur the lines between what is traditionally known as illustration and the world of ‘art’, for me they merge and are one and the same”

Her illustrations have been published widely in online magazines, books and journals and encompass fashion, music, literature to political editorial.

“The images I have chosen for the iconic images exhibition are modern day music based icons, local boy Jarvis Cocker, Bat For Lashes, and the late great Donna Summer – I chose icons who were in the news in 2012 – which saw Donna’s sad passing, and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, so Jarvis is suitably golden just like local heroine Jess Ennis’s postboxes.