Roger Baker

June 15, 2013

creatives-rogerbakerI’m more interested in capturing candid moments with my photography then actual photo’s that are completely set up. I like the idea of capturing someone being aware of my presence but relaxed enough to capture an unguarded moment.

The Black and white image is my friend Danny who has played in numerous Sheffield bands. Mainly Rumpus and Loveboat. The photo was taken after a video shoot. Where he had been wearing a gas mask.

The 2nd image, was taken for a Babybird video shoot. The image has never been used or seen before. I spent all day on location but this was the image I was looking for. It has an almost timeless feel to it. The dark sky in the background gave it a foreboding look perhaps an end to a love affair?

I have had some of my work published before in the British Journal of photography. I have also been part of a limited edition Art magazine from San Francisco that has included my photos. I was pleased to learn that my work was included with some of my musical hero’s Tom Waits, Richard Hell, and Mark Mothersbough from Devo.