Low Light/City at Night Photography

June 15, 2013

2.5 Hours

As the sun sets on tour city streets the most stunning and visually fascinating images can be captured. Join us on our walking tour of the City Centre at night. This practical 2.5 hour tour will see you using very simple camera techniques to produce some of the most dramatic images that you can create.Working within a group, we will explore the streets at night with our internationally renowned street photographer and you will acquire the knowledge in how to:

  • capture night time images,
  • understand exposure and shutter speed for fantastic and highly creative night time shots,
  • understand composition,
  • use Flash at night,
  • utilise ambient light,
  • capture movement/lights.

This course is suitable for:

  • Those that have already perhaps attended our Beginners Photography Course and you want to progress your skill.
  • Those with limited experience of photography and an understanding of how a camera works.
  • Those that want to capture the bright lights of a City Centre at night.
  • Those that wish to capture the City Centres magnificent architecture at night.


Those wanting to learn about the city centre and how to photograph the city at night. Those that wish to learn how to capture; nighttime lights, the moon, fair ground lights, fireworks, painting with light, multiple flash, long exposure and buildings at night.


  • Any camera and skill level are welcome, a DSLR with a tripod and remote release are recommended, but not essential.
  • Aspects of this course take place outside; please ensure you wear suitable clothes for outdoor photography.
  • It is important that you notify our staff ON ARRIVAL if you have any medical condition that we should know about.

Running in the evening from 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm * Please check your date of attendance as course times may vary due to seasonal changes in daylight.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your course starts, so we can conduct registration and administration, there will be a briefing session before we will hit the streets of city centre. Please check your individual booking confirmation for course meeting and ending places as both will vary on city centre locations.