Karen Smith

August 1, 2013

creative-profile-karensmithKaren is a freelance digital artist based in Sheffield.

She has four years experience of both creating her own artwork whilst undertaking commissions for council run art projects and music media requirements for local artists and musicians.

I have many art ideas and inspirations, and as Sheffield is my hometown, I felt I wanted to compile four artworks to celebrate the Steel City.  The project was inspired by a lady who bought one of my works (not included here) specifically to match her décor and with that she explained what she was originally looking for, which was an artistic rendition of a Henderson’s Relish label in pink. Although this was possible, I wanted to then create such an image using the original colours, but with a twist.  Following its completion, I went on to create two further pieces, both of which include and/or relate to some of Sheffield’s famous landmarks. 

I am very proud of this collection as part of my art portfolio.  These pieces have proven very popular and have inspired me to continue with the theme.

I feel nostalgia is intriguing to people both from the local area and beyond”


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