IJWTGP: Our First Exhibiton – Eten – Sheffield

March 27, 2014

The IDMA is proud to present a new exhibition held at cafe Eten, East Parade, Sheffield.

With approximately 30 photographic images on display we welcome you to come and view this exciting and collaborative photographic exhibition.

Exhibition dates: 2nd April – 31st May 2014

Launch Night – 2nd April 2014 – 6-8pm

Exhibition on from 2nd April till 31st May 2014
Opening times:
Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm
Sat: 10am – 8pm

This exhibition entry is FREE for all – Eten is also open for drinks and snacks but no purchase is necessary. It is also fully licensed. So, please feel free to just come in and take a look around!



Who are ‘I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos’?

We’re the friends you turn to when you want to head off to the coast at 6am to catch the sunrise or crawl across sand dunes to photograph baby seals. I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos is a group for people with a passion for photography who are looking for friends who share their enthusiasm. We arrange official photo outings at least once a month plus we also have our monthly ‘Fourth Wednesday’ meeting where we sit down and chat in real life.

The group has been running for over two years. We started out as a small Facebook group of friends who struggled to find the time to get out and take photos and decided that the best way was to just plan something and make it happen. As time went on the word spread and more people found and joined the community; we now have a very active Facebook group where many regularly share and critique each others photos and make plans.

In early 2013 we began to feel the limitations of the Facebook group and set out to make a new home on the internet and so in March 2013 tekgudphotos.co.uk came to life, giving the group the power of a forum to share photos, ideas, suggestions, ask questions and make plans. The website also has a blog of all our past outings so we can look back at the interesting places we have been, and we also try to maintain our ‘beginners guides’ section where members who have picked up a particular skill can share their knowledge in the form of an article.

What does it mean for our members? IJWTGP Member – Bighair63 says, “I’ve always been quite shy about my photography and tentatively joined IJWTGP hoping it would help me build my confidence and ability. I’ve only been a member for a few short months but I can honestly say that IJWTGP is a warm, friendly group that is always happy to lend an ear or advice, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced ‘tekker’. Equally, if it’s honest, constructive criticism you need to help improve your images and challenge yourself, then all you need to do is ask. I can thoroughly recommend coming on board! ”

People often ask how many members we have, and we could tell you that the Facebook group has over 300 members or that the website has 150 registered users, but that really isn’t the point of this group. There is no membership card; you come and go as you please, joining in on outings that interest you and asking questions when you get stuck. All of our outings and meetings are open to absolutely anyone who is interested, even if you don’t own a camera but fancy a walk!


This exhibition will feature the work of:
James Morgan (They Were Invisible! Photography)
Manadh Photography
Richard Smith (RichPICings)
Catherine Robinson
Jeff Allsebrook (JK Photography)
Kevin Blow
Danielle Davy-Moore
Amy Nathan
Симеон Арабов

If you want to know more about ‘I Just Wanna Tek Gud Photos’ there is plenty of info on the website: http://tekgudphotos.co.uk/.