Georgina Martin

June 15, 2013

creatives-georginamartin“I was born In Sheffield and have lived here all my life. I have had an interest in photography since I can remember, even as a child. From the age of 15 I began photographing local bands at gigs and was primarily focused on music and performance photography.

Only in recent years, has my interest developed into more focusing on portraiture and fashion. I work in London during fashion week for a magazine publication shooting ‘street style’.

The images I am displaying in this exhibition are from personal images I haven taken at these events.  I am often faced with ‘celebrities’ and well known people during fashion week. I am not a picture agency photographer, or class myself as part of the ‘paparazzi’ therefore I am not pressured to take the generic celebrity image. This allows me to step back and interact with the environment and capture a different perspective of the person in question.

This way of shooting these famous people has sparked interest across the world, my image of David Gandy I am displaying lead to an Art History graduate from Texas writing a paper on me, I also met the man himself off the back of the image to which he told me he ‘loved that picture’. My personal fashion week work has been compared to the paintings of Edward Hopper with how I capture private moments and solitude. I often choose black and white to remove outside distractions of colour to draw into the person being photographed.

Outside of working in London I shoot fashion portraiture tailored to more high fashion and elegance, which is a little different to the documentary style of the images I have displayed.”