George Law

June 15, 2013

creatives-georgelawA lot of my illustration work is based on lines, shapes and colourful characters. Literally not always too colourful but a lot of my past pieces are referenced from cartoons and comic book characters from when I was kid. Even today I’m still keen to look at manga and anime and other comic book forms to draw some inspiration from. Sometimes even the write song and tune will kick me into gear to create something.

More recently I’ve been fleeting between using pens, pencils and other drawing media to using the computer to explore colours and composition. A lot of my work is drawn on the spur of the moment with just a little planning beforehand but mostly it’s off cuff.

For my “Iconic Image” I wanted to focus on one of my favourite musicians, Johnny Cash as a cultural icon. Cash’s career seems to have played out like a movie script, one of hope, mistakes and redemption and I’ve always been taken in by all aspects of his character. When I think of Johnny Cash, I see the hair cut, the cigarette in mouth and his black and white ensemble and hopefully I’ve encompassed those aspects very simply in my drawn piece.