Fiona Allsop

January 22, 2015

Fiona Allsop

Fiona Allsop - ArtistAka Skull Pinata is a local artist. Her work is best known for the use of vivid colour, along with recurring themes such as Mexican folk art and tiki kitsch.

Fiona is quite a prolific painter, and almost exclusively works in acrylic as it is such a fast medium to work with.

She has exhibited at many national as well as local events and venues.

Fiona mainly works on solo projects, but has been known to collaborate with other artists and paint commissioned pieces.

“The wildlife depicted in the paintings are a random selection of popular animals (including a few mythical and extinct creatures). The collection is a celebration of my love of wildlife, the use of vivid colour, and the need to blend reality with a little fantasy.”


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