Felicity Hoy

June 15, 2013

creatives-felicityhoyI have always been an artistic person, but I started to really get into drawing when I was living in Melbourne three years ago. I spent most of my time painting canvas, creating t-shirt stencils, using pyrography on wood and visiting contemporary art galleries, mainly Outré. This is when I began my Fairytale Series. When I came back to Sheffield I worked 9-5 and spent every other waking hour on my art. Teaching myself how to use Gimp and then eventually Adobe Illustrator.  Once I had discovered the ‘live trace’ button it was like i could do anything!! I feel like I have progressed gradually but substantially over the last two years. I draw black lines to create the shaded areas on my artwork and then remove them digitally. I like to think that I have created quite a unique style and I owe that to no formal training in Digital art or Adobe programs. There’s something special about that ‘Do it Yourself’ progression!

My artwork, more often than not, depicts strong women. I’m not particularly a feminist, although I probably am a bit. Feminism seems to have bad connotations attached to it nowadays, which is a shame. I hope that maybe my artwork inspires women to be strong, intelligent, confident and see beauty in different ways to what fashion magazines or movies might portray. I don’t believe that for women and men to be equal, we have to take on male traits. We are two different sexes and we can both be strong and succeed in our own ways.

‘As Long as I can be a Woman’ is a homage to Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to choose a beautiful and natural picture of her. I wanted this piece to represent all of the wonderful things she said when she was alive, and how those quotes have become iconic. They are shared throughout the world on cards, merchandise and over and over on memes through social networking sites. For me she is my idea of a feminist Icon, she gave confidence to so many women and her words will forever stay with us and remind us that we can all be beautiful, confident, strong and successful if we want to be.

‘I Sink into the Paper’ depicts the MC Mos Def. Again I wanted to focus on someone that has power with their words. ‘Black on Both Sides’ is my most favorite album of all time. Mos Def is an amazing lyricist and the album is a complete mishmash of styles and genres. The lyrics featured are taken from the song ‘Love’ a song that has stayed with me for so many years and has become Iconic to me and the way it makes me feel. We live now with the promise of the infinite.