Daniel Ackerley

June 23, 2013

creatives-dannyDaniel Ackerley is a 32 year old freelance professional photographer based in Cambridgeshire and has had his photography published in the UK, Europe and the US.

Beginning his career in 2007 by offering local promoters free photos/reviews in return for access to shows, he quickly built a reputation in the underground scene for capturing exciting live images. Originally shooting purely for fun, within a few years he was photographing some of the biggest bands in the world like The Gaslight Anthem, Metallica, Manic Street Preachers, Iggy Pop, Stereophonics and more at huge venues and festivals all over the UK for various webzines and publications.

‘Music is the real reason I started taking photographs. I was a passionate music obsessed teenager and virtually everything I did socially and personally revolved around indulging it. My interest in photography didn’t start until I was much older, in my mid-20’s actually, and it was sparked by a real upsurge in great local bands coming onto the scene. I was going to these fantastic shows, seeing my friends up on stage putting their heart and soul into something they truly loved, but nobody was documenting these amazing scenes. It wasn’t like today, where you can get almost as many photographers at some shows as punters, and it inspired me to try and capture some of the spirit and soul that bands and artists put into a live performance.’

In March/April 2010, the UK based monthly photography magazine Practical Photography published a double page feature on his live music photography and this has been followed by published work in magazines including Rock Sound, Big Cheese, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Kerrang!, Clash, The Fly and Total Guitar. In recent years he has enjoyed personal commissions from bands, PR companies, record labels, festivals, lifestyle magazines and independent fashion brands for promotional, artwork and advertising use and he also runs a successful wedding photography business.

Daniel is currently exhibiting a selection of music images he has taken over the years at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge where he is been an in-house photographer since 2011. He has recently signed a deal for worldwide syndication by New York based photo agency The Hell Gate that will see him continue to indulge his first love and expose his work to a much wider audience.

Daniels work is available to purchase in our store