Chard Remains

June 15, 2013

creatives-chardremainsMy love for photography really began when I started following local graffiti artists and photographing their work. Many of them would paint and practice in old derelict buildings, so I began to explore and search out graffiti that people wouldn’t normally see. Art that’s hidden away from the streets. As this progressed I became more interested in the buildings themselves, the decaying, derelict structures, the old staircases and broken windows.

I am mostly recognised for and being passionate about my Urbex photography, documenting the buildings, which have been left, unmaintained, abandoned and unloved. My Photography shows the buildings that slowly decay away from the eyes and thoughts of the people who pass them by and ignore them everyday.

Specialising mainly in HDR and also light painting because I feel it adds more character and feeling to the images.

Establishing my Facebook page; Chard Remains Photographical, over a year ago I have gained a great deal of recognition, featuring in local magazines: Now Then, in their monthly Dead Space article and in Toast on a regular basis. The images I am displaying here today were taken from a shoot I organised for Toast magazine. I was asked to do a shoot with local band ‘The Payroll Union’ so I took them to an old building in Sheffield that I love and feel really represents the heritage of Sheffield. This was great for me because it meant I had an opportunity to get my HDR work out for the public to see as it was to be used as a front cover shot.

I also do a lot of work for local bars and club / warehouse party events which I enjoy thoroughly, this gives me a chance to do standard photography but I always add a little twist that reflects my style.