February 3, 2015

CalX Art - ArtistCalX Art

Originally from Scotland, Cal is a self taught digital media artist with a passion for international motorcycle racing mainly in Moto GP, WSB, BSB and The TT.  He also holds a passion for Wild Life as well as Portraiture.

Cal’s creative side developed from his early days as a commercial manager in F1, where he made presentations to potential sponsors, working with artist card and bits of coloured fablon!

He has been using Adobe products since the mid 90’s and still finds something new to explore…

Cal works in partnership with international racers, racing teams and sponsors as well as international photographers and orginisations  undertaking commissions, to create limited edition, unique and highly creative wall art that sells all around the world.

“I like to think that I create unique pieces of art that people will enjoy having on their wall at home or at their office and it gives me an enormous pleasure when I sell a creative piece to an enthusiast” for me, there is no bigger compliment!”

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