Beginners Photography

June 15, 2013

3 Hours

So you have a new camera and want to know your way around it? The International Digital Media Academy will help you develop your skill and knowledge across a range of photographic techniques.

With hands-on experience you will feel in control of your camera and gain a good understanding of photography.

Topics covered

  • Getting to know camera features and using them, including options for: focus/ISO/shutter speed/aperture/ white balance
  • Location shooting – practical work outdoors to record iconic images of the city.
  • Considering the next steps

You Will Need

  • Your camera fully charged;
  • An empty memory card;
  • Suitable clothes for outdoor photography;
  • Although this is NOT an in depth technical course or how to understand all the features on your own camera – if you have the instruction booklet handy it might prove useful.