Becca Kelly

June 15, 2013

creatives-beccakelly-Becca Kelly (born Leeds 1990) is a freelance illustrator based in Yorkshire.

She is currently completing a Masters in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration at Sheffield Hallam University.

Alongside her studies she has also undertaken internships at Lemonade Illustration Agency a global Illustration Agency, who represents some of the leading Illustrators working in the industry today, UK Greetings the UK’s market leading publisher and manufacturer of greetings cards and Hantu, ‘a collective of creative minds and hands’ creating Illustration inspired streetwear clothing.

“I feel my work visually communicates imagery and ideas in a way that is emotive, evoking a sense of whimsical childlike imagery, whilst still demonstrating precision and technique. Every line, scrawl, smudge and mark imperfectly placed to preserve the detail of drawing, baring each illustration as an original piece, imagined and exerted from the page of a sketchbook”

“Raphael’s Winehouse was influenced by my love of music and the eclectic mix of musical genres I often listen to whilst drawing. The term Iconic gave me the opportunity to portray one of my favourite artists amongst my musical influences, Amy Winehouse. The piece was inspired by my previous studies of art history and the emotive lyrical narrative of the album Back to Black. My suggestive twist on the image enabled me to express a profusion of artistic inspiration, from traditional art and classic soul/jazz to contemporary culture and graphic visual language”