Abigail Eastwood

June 15, 2013

creatives-abigaileastwoodI am a Sheffield dwelling artist attending university in Leeds, Fine Art Second Year.

My work embraces the spontaneity of watercolour to create brightly coloured bold and fluid pieces, usually depicting plants and animals intertwining with the human body.

My method of painting is similar to automatic drawing in that I don’t plan where certain colours, marks, splashes will go but allow the paint freedom upon the page. Eventually though, I do contain the chaos with a reliable fine liner and white inked pen.

My fondness of painting aspects from nature within the ‘portraits’ is a reinforcement of humanity’s natural origins within our technology reliant society – we are still a species within the animal kingdom – and a reminder of the consequences of such an economy upon the natural world; endangered species and extinction, for example.

I chose to paint Jimi and Regina without the natural elements so the focus was entirely upon them rather than any message I might be giving. Their colourful portraits are a tribute to their talent and their inspiration upon musicians of today: the sheer talent of Jimi Hendrix and the personal quirky inspiration of Regina Spektor.